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"Serving Customers Who Care & Finer
Insurance Companies Since 1984"

About Us

Celebrating Over 20 Years of delivering High Quality
Results.... not Excuses!

  Village Body & Paint has maintained the privilege of
working on the area's finest automobiles, and serving the
best customers in Northern Virginia, Washington DC. and Maryland, since 1984.

  We take pride in giving the area's most particular
customers exactly what they have been looking for.

  Most of the cars in the shop at any given time belong to customers who have been referred by our loyal customer

As of January 1, 2004 we have had the pleasure of working
 on more than 40 Ferraris, 7 Rolls Royces, 4 Maseratis, 3 Lamborghinis, 3 Austin Healeys, 1 Aston Martin, and numerous Porsches, Mercedes, Jaguars, BMWs, and almost every other make of automobile.  

  Some of our craftsmanship can be seen on the covers of
Austin Healey Magazine
, EAA Warbirds Magazine, EZ Rider,
and at the Washington DC World of Wheels Show.


 With expertise in all facets of Auto Body Repair and refinishing, along with Metal and Fiberglass Custom Fabrication, we have become widely known for a level a versatility not found in typical body shops.

 We have produced 3 Award Winning Airplane Paint Jobs, 
one of which was given 1st Place in the category of
  Best Finish in a national competition held at the 
Sun and Fun Air Show
in Lakeland, Florida.


  In 1988 we were among the first in Northern Va. to
convert to the world's finest refinishing system.

Our GLASURIT refinishing system has been the original equipment material selected by manufacturers such as
Ferrari, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW, since
the 1960s... and has evolved into the high tech system we continue to use today.


We work well with most insurance companies; 

 A key factor separating us from the ordinary shops is that
we take the position of ONLY working to achieve the best results for our customers.

  We do not allow insurance companies to run our shop by dictating the use of low-grade materials, aftermarket parts,
and insufficient repair time allowances.

  We work diligently with most insurance companies, as a courtesy to our customers, to uphold the best interest of our customers.

Our attention to details such as adjusting the tone and tint
of color to match your specific automobile, is just one of so
many reasons our customers drive by so many other shops
to reach us.


  Today's automobile technology often rivals the
sophistication of modern day aircraft, with innovations
such as 4 wheel steering, antilock brakes, satellite
tracking, airbag systems, alarms, and more.

  By hiring only qualified personnel we stay ready and able
to meet the demands of these ongoing changes.  Our rates typically run $10 to $20 per hour higher than a "bargain"
shop estimate. so a 10 hour job can run $100 to $200 more
than many of the "bargain" shops.



Rates as of January 1, 2004 are as follows:


Normal Production Automobiles $50.00 /hr.
Custom and Exotic Automobiles $75.00/hr.
Mechanical and Electrical $82.00/hr.
Corrective Repair of other shops work $75.00/hr.
(including insurance direct repair facilities)

Last Updated October 1, 2005





































Specializing In: Collision Repair, Paint Spraying, 
Paintless Dent Repair, & Car Restoration